With spring just around the corner, it’s time to give your home the TLC it deserves after a long winter of neglect. From a Christmas clear-out to gutter cleaning, we’ve come up with four spring cleaning musts to prepare your property for the new season.


Clear out the junk

It’s all too easy to amass hordes of junk over winter – unwanted Christmas presents, empty biscuit tins and all manner of other bits and pieces take up valuable space in the home, contributing to a cluttered appearance. Now that spring is on the way, it’s time to clear out the cupboards with a trip to the tip or local recycling centre.


Gutter cleaning

Heavy rain and snow can dislodge moss from the roof and wash it into the gutters. Similarly, leaves can mount up and become trapped in guttering, causing a potential blockage. Hire professional gutter cleaners to prevent the risk of leaks from blocked guttering, which can cause cosmetic and structural damage to your property.


Patio washing

Over the winter months, the garden often becomes a neglected space. Left at the mercy of the elements, patios and driveways can become dirty and covered in moss. Powerful jet washing can clear away moss from between paving slabs and bricks, while also refreshing the surface for a deep clean.


Window cleaning

Now that the wintry weather has subsided, it’s a good time to clean the windows of your home – both outside and in. Windows can benefits from a wipe over regularly and a thorough clean when you have time – a deep clean in spring should keep your windows smear and smudge-free for a while.


For your spring cleaning needs, call our friendly team and find out more about our jet-washing and gutter cleaning in Merseyside and elsewhere.