Home maintenance tasks can be tiresome but you need to do them in order to keep your house in good condition – which will help save you lots of money in the long run. Here are a few expert tips from us at Manchester commercial gutter cleaning company Pro X Clean to help get you started on maintaining your guttering at home.

Firstly, decide what kind of material you want your guttering to be in. There are plenty of options (plastic, aluminium or iron, for example), but plastic is usually the material of choice since it’s cheapest. It’s also easy to install and you won’t have to paint it.

Then you need to measure the space for your new guttering. Perhaps take some photos or draw a picture of how your old guttering looks so you can work out what your new gutters should look like. Measure all the pipes while they’re still attached to the roof so you know how much you’ll need to buy.

From there, take out your old guttering (ask someone for help to make it easier and quicker). Check that the fascia boards that are in place are in good condition. If not, consider replacing them before installing the gutters.

With your guttering, you need to make sure it’s installed on a slight slope so the water can drain away. You’ll also need to make sure you have a downpipe installed so the water can be carried away to the ground level drain. Once everything is in place, check it works properly and that water runs freely by pouring some water down the gutter. If you notice any pools, adjust your brackets and try again.

If you need any further help, check out this blog post on the B&Q website.