We’ve enjoyed some quite mild weather this week (January 16th) and it certainly hasn’t felt much like winter at all, definitely not January weather at any rate! But it looks like this is all set to change yet again, with weather forecasters now predicting that freezing conditions will make a comeback over the next couple of days.

The middle of the country and the north will likely be most affected as chilly air comes in from Europe, with the Met Office now upgrading its cold weather health alert for southern England to a level three – which means action may well be needed.

Rural parts of the south of the country and some coastal areas could well see the mercury dip below freezing this weekend (January 21st-22nd), so take extra care when out and about – and perhaps be prepared to put the heating on a bit more than you might have done during the week.

“We could see overnight lows of -5 degrees C in the south-east with temperatures of 5 degrees C (or 6 degrees C elsewhere sinking to -1 degrees C in rural spots. If showers materialise on Sunday and we dip to freezing overnight there could be an issue with icy roads into the start of next week,” forecaster Oli Claydon was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying.

So if you were planning on pressure washing the decking, patio or your driveway this weekend, it might be a good idea to wait until the weather warms up a bit. You don’t want to risk people slipping on it and falling over, after all!

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