Winter weather can play real havoc on your house, which you’re sure to know if you’ve noticed the strong winds knocking tiles off your roof or your gutters overflowing with rain water because they’re clogged with leaves and other debris. What you do need to keep a particular eye on, however, is any decking areas you might have because these can actually be quite dangerous unless you keep them in good condition during the winter.

Make sure you clean your deck thoroughly during the winter months to stop mould, mildew and algae from building up on it, which can make it very slippery underfoot. What’s more, if you allow this to grow, you could actually end up damaging the wood itself, which could prove difficult and costly to replace.

Use a bleach-free cleaner on the wood to really bring it to life without it becoming discoloured, then see whether or not you need to strip it before applying a sealer or stain to the wood so it makes it through the winter in one piece.

You’ll also need to apply a protective finish to the decking so that it withstands the cold, wind and rain without any problems. Rust-Oleum’s Premium Water Sealer is a great product that should do the trick nicely.

If you need any help with deck cleaning, call Wirral pressure washing company Pro X Clean. We’re experts in getting houses winter-ready, so don’t go it alone. Give our friendly and experienced team a call if you’d like to find out more about how we can help.