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Cold Weather Warnings Issued By Forecasters!

We’ve enjoyed some quite mild weather this week (January 16th) and it certainly hasn’t felt much like winter at all, definitely not January weather at any rate! But it looks like this is all set to change yet again, with weather forecasters now predicting that freezing conditions will make a comeback over the next couple [...]

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Could A Blocked Gutter Be Causing Your Damp Problem?

If you have a damp problem in your home, you could be worried that it’s going to cost a significant amount of money to sort out. However, there are various kinds of damp that can affect UK properties, and some of the solutions could be simpler and cheaper than you may think. If you have [...]

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How To Protect Timber Decking In Winter

Winter weather can play real havoc on your house, which you’re sure to know if you’ve noticed the strong winds knocking tiles off your roof or your gutters overflowing with rain water because they’re clogged with leaves and other debris. What you do need to keep a particular eye on, however, is any decking areas [...]

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Homeowners Told To Prepare For Cold Snap

Despite December being unseasonably warm, the new year has brought much colder weather - and chilly temperatures are set to continue according to some forecasters. The Mirror highlighted the need for homeowners to prepare for this colder period, to ensure they don’t end up with unexpected issues and repair bills as a result of easy-to-do [...]

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