While most of us dream of a white Christmas, we’re also resigned to the fact that it’s unlikely in the UK at the best of times, but with bookies slashing the odds on this December 25th being the hottest on record, it’s looking even less likely than normal that a dusting of snow will greet us on Christmas morning.

In fact, with parts of the UK, including Flintshire, experiencing temperatures of 17 degrees C this week, it’s obvious we’re not getting the weather we usually associate with December.

But, not everyone believes December is going to remain mild. Some forecasters actually believe the mild start to the month means a white Christmas is more likely.

Speaking to the Mirror, Professor Tom Rippeth from the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University in North Wales explained that the warm temperatures shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a sign that the rest of December will be equally mild.

“There is every chance that the jet stream could drift south again before Christmas bringing back the cold Arctic air and potentially resulting in a white Christmas,” he said.

Professor Rippeth added that the weather conditions we’re currently experiencing aren’t dissimilar to those that were recorded in 2010/11, which was a cold winter with snowfall.

But what does this mean for your Christmas plans, and for your home? Well, the main message is to keep your house in good condition and make sure that you’ve done all those annual chores like cleaning your guttering, ahead of the festive period.

With cold weather more likely to hit the north of the country, it could be worth paying for gutter cleaning in Wirral and elsewhere in the north west if you’re based there.