Building maintenance is hard work and can be time-consuming but if structures are to stand the test of time, it’s vital that certain jobs are carried out regularly – and to a professional standard.

Churches around the UK are being urged by Ecclesiastical Insurance to make themselves winter ready by carrying out essential buildings maintenance such as clearing gutters, gullies and drains, checking for missing or loose slates or tiles, and clearing the grounds of fallen branches and dead or diseased trees.

Those in charge are also being reminded that prevention is always better than cure, so regular maintenance and vigilance throughout the winter is the best way of avoiding costly repairs later down the line.

Tips for making certain jobs easier to complete include using binoculars to check the roofs, hiring reliable contractors to deal with dead trees and making sure that you know how to turn off the water supply in case a pipe bursts.

It’s also important to prepare for icy and snowy weather, having a plan in place so that people can get to church safely no matter what the heavens decide to throw down upon us. Work out what paths need to be clear to allow for safe access and designate someone whose job it is to clear any icy paths.

Always keep a close eye on the weather forecasts so that you can deploy your winter plan if it’s likely that wind, rain, snow and ice will put in an appearance.

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