Over 80% of house buyers would reconsider their offer to buy a property if damp problems were discovered, a new survey has revealed.

Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Safeguard Europe revealed that 38% of people would walk away from the purchase altogether, while 48% would expect a discount on the price of the property to compensate for having to fix the issue.

18% of those questioned would expect at least a 20% discount on the price if there were damp issues in the home, which Safeguard reveals equates to £42,000 or more based on average UK property prices in June 2016.

Mould and moss growth, damp patches and salt marks on walls, warping of timber, crumbling plaster or render and possible negative health effects were the five top reasons people said they’d be deterred from a property purchase.

Hudson Lambert, managing director of Safeguard Europe, said the findings indicate “people’s perception of the cost and difficulty of dealing with damp problems is overblown”.

He added that the new technology and products available on the market mean “it is rare for treatment costs to run into the tens of thousands” and therefore advised anyone putting their home on the market to correct any damp issues first, to help them get the best price and sell more quickly.

First impressions are vital when it comes to house hunting, so sellers would also be advised to make sure the exterior of their property looks as clean and tidy as possible. Using professional gutter and driveway services can mean that potential buyers see your property in all of its glory, rather than developing negative perceptions before they even step inside.

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