Homeowners should really clean their gutters regularly, but there is no more pressing time to keep them cleared than during the autumn months.

Here are the main benefits of hiring a gutter cleaning specialist in Merseyside in the lead-up to winter.

1) Prevent blockages

The autumn sees many leaves falling from the trees, which means your gutters are likely to fill with debris far quicker than during the summer. If these are not cleared regularly, they can create unwanted blockages and clog downspouts.

2) Falling gutters

If your gutters are blocked with debris, including leaves and dead animals, water that has not been able to flow down the pipes or ice in colder weather, they could become too heavy.

An overloaded gutter could therefore create a health and safety issue, as it is at risk of falling and could hit anything or anyone below.

3) Letting damp into building

Even if your gutters do not fall due to the weight of the debris, they are likely to let water leak into your home. While gutters are designed to move rainwater away from your building, an overloaded gutter is unable to do this. Therefore, water collects and eventually runs down the brickwork, which could result in deteriorating the pointing and eventually let damp penetrate into the premises.

Those with basements are at particularly risk of flooding.

4) Icy floors

As well as potentially damaging the contents of your home, a leaking gutter could have health and safety consequences too. If the water is left to drip down the side of the house on to the floor in particularly cold weather, it could freeze and turn to ice, therefore creating a hazard to anyone walking by.

These are just four reasons why it is important to make sure your gutters are in a good condition and are regularly maintained during the autumn and winter months.

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