Who doesn’t want to ensure that their car is shiny and smart at all times? Investing in a pressure washer and a good car shampoo is a must if you’re proud of your set of wheels, but there are so many products out there shampoo-wise that it can be hard knowing if you’ve picked the right one for you.

Luckily, AutoExpress is here to save the day and has helpfully tested out a wide range of different shampoos so you don’t have to. The best according to their stringent tests? Bilt Hamber Surfex HD. So impressed was the publication with this particular product, in fact, that it gave it five out of five stars, describing it as a top all-rounder that would actually be good for a wide number of different cleaning jobs.

It did say that the product isn’t a conventional shampoo, which is why you might not have tried it before since it’s actually a degreaser, but you can dilute it if you want it to perform well for lighter cleaning jobs. “The Bilt Hamber can be used through a pressure washer lance and creates a decent foam which clings well to vertical panels. It’s also unusual as it doesn’t contain any solvents and is biodegradable,” the website went on to note.

A key point to consider when choosing your car shampoo is that you want a product that will help to loosen the dirt on the car so more of it can be blasted off with the pressure washer and just a thin layer is left that you can then remove with a mitt. This means it’s easier for you to do the job and you don’t run the risk of ruining the paintwork by dragging dirt all over it.

Given that recent research from the AA revealed that 61 per cent of people either use a pressure washer or a bucket and sponge to give their cars a good clean, it certainly seems as though there are many out there who could benefit from a bit of advice where car shampoos are concerned. Why don’t you give the Bilt Hamber a go to see if it makes a difference to the look of your motor?

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