Sadly, summer has come to an end – although we have been enjoying an unseasonably sunny and warm start to the autumn – so now’s the time to start thinking about how best to go about winter proofing your house. Not sure where to begin? Check out our quick guide right here if you need a helping hand!

Look at your driveway

If you have cracks in your drive, now’s the time to get them sorted as bad weather in the winter can really exacerbate the problem and make it more expensive to fix. Simply remove any dirt and debris from the cracks then grab a pressure washer and hose the cracks down thoroughly. Next, use a crack filler to fill it in and scrape it down to keep it smooth. You may need to add in a second coat.

Review your doors and windows

Go round the house and look to see if any of the caulk around your windows and doors needs replacing. If you leave it, you could find that lots of heat escapes when it’s cold outside and you end up wasting lots of energy, not to mention driving up the cost of your energy bills.

Take a look at the roof

Always call out a professional tradesman to help you see if your roof needs a bit of work. They can check for faulty and broken tiles or shingles, and will be able to replace and repair them quickly and easily.

Check the gutters

Always keep a close eye on your gutters and clear them of any debris and leaves that may have collected over time. If your gutters are clogged and there’s lots of heavy rain, your gutters won’t be able to cope and you could end up with a flood on your hands. It’s wise to check your drains regularly as well.

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