4 Tips For Selling Your House

//4 Tips For Selling Your House

4 Tips For Selling Your House

Those of you planning on selling up and moving house will no doubt want to do all they can to make sure the property shifts quickly and for the right price. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. Here are four tips to help you get that all-important sale.

Bake bread

Interestingly, you could find that you’re more likely to sell your house if you bake some bread before the viewers come round. The smell of freshly baked bread makes your property seem more homely and will make it easier for people to see themselves living there. What’s more, you can offer them a slice or two to help sweeten the deal and get them on side.

Paint your front door

New research from TSB and Dulux Amazing Space has found that if you paint your front door white, you’re more likely to get yourself that quick sale. Poor paintwork and a scratched front door can actually put people off the property so make sure you make the outside of your house look as good as the inside.


Make your home look as tidy and clean as you possibly can. Hide any excess belongings in the attic or even in a storage unit temporarily, but make sure that you leave a bit of personality so that your home doesn’t seem soulless. Getting rid of all the clutter makes it easier for people to see themselves living in the space, however.

Make minor repairs

If you’ve got hanging cupboard doors or holes in the walls, make sure you go around with a fine tooth comb and fix any such problems. Eagle-eyed viewers will definitely spot them and if there are lots of issues, they could be put off from buying the house.

Pressure wash

Give your outside patios and decking areas a good scrub clean so that they’re sparkling when people come to view your house. This will make them safer to tread on and won’t put anyone off, thinking that your house hasn’t been cared for properly.

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