Here at Pro X Clean, we know just how very useful pressure washers can be, but we reckon that the majority of people only use them to give the decking or the patio a good going over from time to time to keep it in good nick.

However, you could really make the most of your new gadget by getting it out and giving your car a good hosing down. New research from the AA has found that 61 per cent of people either use this or a bucket and sponge to keep their cars clean, so perhaps this could inspire you to do the same.

According to the Derbyshire Times, men are leading the way when it comes to cleaning the car themselves, with 49 per cent of women prefer to head to the car wash and pay someone else to do the dirty work for them. With a pressure washer, though, the whole job is over so much quicker and it’s quite a lot of fun so why don’t you suggest this to the other half the next time she’s thinking of spending a few pennies on a professional car wash?

You do need to be a bit careful when using a pressure washer when cleaning your car, however, as if you have it on full whack you might end up damaging the paintwork on the vehicle, so perhaps do a bit of practice on a small area first so you can get used to how the device operates.

If you really don’t feel confident in your abilities where pressure washing is concerned, give us here at Pro X Clean a call. We’re pressure washing experts in the Wirral and elsewhere in the north-west so give us a shout if you need a bit of help. We do commercial gutters, driveway cleaning and a lot more besides.