Pressure washers are absolutely brilliant for keeping the outside of your house clean and tidy – but don’t think that you can’t use them for other purposes as well. Thinking outside the box just a little will mean that all sorts of other belongings of yours can benefit from a good spritz as well. Here are five alternative ways to use your pressure washer today.

The car

Get the pressure washer out to give your car a good hose down without having to drive it to the car wash. The wheels and underside of the car will benefit particularly but don’t use the highest setting as you could damage the paintwork.

Outdoor furniture

If you have metal furniture outside all year round, it’ll soon start showing signs of wear and tear – even if you don’t use it that much. Give it a good blast with the pressure washer and it’ll look as good as new, although you may have to touch the paint up every now and again.

The barbecue

If you use your barbecue a lot in the summer, it’ll soon start looking like it. No one likes cleaning the grill but with a pressure washer it’s an absolute cinch to get all that burned food off quickly and easily – and with hardly any elbow grease.

The boat

Those of you who are lucky enough to own your own boat can clean it up really easily by using your pressure washer. Just don’t use it on the inside of the boat!

Your garden fence

Don’t fancy getting out the bucket and scrubbing brush? Clean your fence ridiculously quickly by using your pressure washer.

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